Terms & Conditions
  1. All advertisements are placed and all orders are accepted subject to the terms and conditions as hereinafter set out provided that EC Group Online Limited.('ECjobsonline') expressly reserves its right to amend, vary, replace or cancel any of such terms and conditions without prior notice to the advertiser and the advertiser is deemed to have express knowledge of and be bound by such terms and conditions. No terms sought to be applied by the advertiser to any order for advertising shall be binding upon ECjobsonline. Advertising orders for space will not be considered as contracts.
  2. ECjobsonline reserves the right to reject, decline or refuse to publish in whole or in part or to amend any advertisement with or without notice to the advertiser where in its sole opinion it considers necessary or desirable, and ECjobsonline shall not in any way be liable for any loss or damage arising as a result of such non-publication or amendment as foresaid (nor shall any refund of or deduction from the costs of the advertisement or any other compensation be granted by ECjobsonline to the advertiser in the event of such non-publication or amendment.) Where the advertiser requires that its name and address or other information shall not be disclosed and ECjobsonline shall have been so notified by the advertiser on placement of its order ECjobsonline shall use reasonable endeavors to ensure the same but shall not be liable for any disclosure unless such disclosure is made with the express knowledge or authority of ECjobsonline. 
  3. Advertisements require specific placement or extra processing shall be subject to extra charges. ECjobsonline shall have the absolute right at any time to determine, adjust or vary the classification and rate of charges applicable to all advertisements placed. Published rates and charges are those set out on any order form or acknowledgement may be varied by ECjobsonline at any time without notice prior to invoicing.
  4. Acceptance of an advertisement for publication does not constitute a binding commitment or any representation or warranty on ECjobsonline’s part to publish the same either at all or on any specified date or dates. ECjobsonline shall not be liable for any loss, costs or expenses incurred by non-publication of any other cause beyond the control of ECjobsonline. ECjobsonline liability shall in case of non-publication be limited to refund of the charge of the advertisement already paid and in all other cases as aforesaid ECjobsonline shall have the option either to grant a refund of such proportion of the paid charge as shall in ECjobsonline's sole opinion be reasonable or in lieu of such refund and at ECjobsonline absolute discretion to publish the advertisement as soon as reasonably practicable.
  5. ECjobsonline shall use reasonable endeavors to accept orders if they are received at the location and by the time specified by ECjobsonline from time to time for that type of advertisement. All advertisement copy and artwork must be received by the latest receipt time specified by ECjobsonline which may be varied by ECjobsonline without notice. ECjobsonline shall have the right to refuse to accept any orders or to decline or refuse to publish any orders if the advertisement copy and artwork of such orders shall not have been received by ECjobsonline the latest receipt time as aforesaid nor shall ECjobsonline be liable for any loss or damage arising as a result of non-publication hereunder. 
  6. It is responsibility of the advertiser to check the correctness of an advertisement before it is repeated. The advertiser and /or its advertising agent(s) shall indemnify and keep indemnified ECjobsonline in respect of all loss, damage, costs and expenses including legal fees arising directly or indirectly from the publication of an advertisement on instructions from the advertiser and / or its advertising agent(s).
  7. All cheques, money-order, etc. should be made payable to 'EC Group Online Limited'. Rates are expressed in Hong Kong dollars but ECjobsonline shall have absolute discretion to accept payment in other currencies the rate of conversion to Hong Kong dollars for payment shall be determined by ECjobsonline from time to time. 
  8. The advertiser will be invoiced upon publication unless the advertising charges are prepaid. Terms of payment are net 7 days from the date of invoice or otherwise agreed by ECjobsonline. ECjobsonline shall have the right to charge interest on any outstanding payment after the due date (without any further notice) at the rate of two percent (2%) per month from date of invoice on outstanding balance to date receipt of payment by ECjobsonline and in addition, ECjobsonline shall also be entitled to recover from the advertiser any costs and expenses (including all legal fees) incurred by ECjobsonline in recovering any outstanding payment and interest thereon. 
  9. The advertiser is liable at all time for payment of all advertising charges. Where a recognized advertising agent substitutes its order for that of the original advertising or requires invoices addressed to the advertising agent. ECjobsonline shall hold the agent and the original advertiser jointly and severally liable hereunder.