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刊登日期: 2024-06-07

Shake Shack

Shake Shack

全職/兼職隊員 Full Time / Part Time Crew Member

Now Hiring 加入我們的團隊

Job Highlights

  • "Fine Casual" Dining快速休閒餐廳
  • Lifestyle brand 生活風格的品牌
  • Hospitality確保顧客充分感受我們的文化,會心微笑
What's in it for YOU? 作為 Shack 團隊成員有什麼好處?
盡情享受、努力工作!作為 Shack 團隊成員,從第一天起,您將成為我們團隊中重要且不可或缺的一部分。您將有機會在 Shack 的每個站點進行培訓,同時增加您的責任和報酬。我們重視學習和發展,並提供讓您按照自己的步調向 Shack TrainerCross TrainerShift Manager 等職業發展的能力!
Have fun and work hard! As a Shack Team Member, you will be a valued and integral part of our team from Day One. You will have the opportunity to train on every station in the Shack while increasing your responsibility and pay. We value learning & development and provide the ability to grow your career toward Shack Trainer, Cross Trainer, Shift Manager, and beyond at your own pace! 
What do you bring to the table? 您帶來的價值
我們不只重視您所做的出色工作,更重視您出色的工作方式! 49% 是你做的事情,51% 是你做事的態度。我們正在尋找積極熱情的全職和兼職入門級團隊成員加入我們充滿活力的團隊!
We don't just value the great work you do, we value the great way you do it! 49% is the stuff you do, 51% is the awesome attitude with which you do it. We are seeking positive and enthusiastic full-time and part-time entry-level team members to join our dynamic team!  
Requirements 工作要求
  • Previous hospitality and/or food service experience is a plus, though not required – we'll teach you the rest!  有酒店和/或餐飲服務經驗者優先,但不是必需的——我們會教你剩下的!
  • Motivated to learn quickly and grow in a professional, team-oriented environment. 有動力在專業的、以團隊為導向的環境中快速學習和成長。 
  • We are fast-paced and looking for people who are quick thinkers, committed, and excited to hit the ground running! 我們節奏很快,正在尋找思維敏捷、有責任心並樂於立即行動的人加入!
This is an entry level opportunity with no previous experience required! All you need is the motivation to learn and grow in a professional, fast paced, team-oriented environment! We will provide you with all the tools necessary for a successful Shacksperience, with hands-on training, online learning modules, and a structured path to grow your career.
這是一個入門級的機會,不需要任何經驗!您只需在專業、高節奏、以團隊為導向的環境中學習和成長!我們將為您提供成功的 Shacksperience 所需的所有工具,包括實踐培訓、在線學習板塊和具結構的職業發展路徑。
Job Responsibilities 工作內容
  • Food prep, customer service, guest interactions, cooking, and cleaning食物準備、客戶服務、客人互動、烹飪和清潔
  • Delivering exceptional hospitality to our guests為客人提供卓越的款待
  • Open availability and flexibility is a must – ability to work any shift 需輪班輪休工作
We offer a competitive salary which is negotiable depending on experience. If the above sounds like you, submit your application or reach out to Ms. Sherbe.C through Whatsapp 61725015  and we'll share the next steps.

我們會因應經驗而協商薪酬及福利。如果以上聽起來像您,請提交您的職位申請或通過Whatsapp 61725015 與陳小姐聯絡,我們將分享後續步驟。