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刊登日期: 2024-05-24

Shake Shack

Shake Shack

General Manager / Assistant General Manager 餐廳總經理 / 助理餐廳總經理

Now Hiring 加入我們的團隊

$4,000新人獎金 / $4,000介紹人獎金

Job Highlights

  • "Fine Casual" Dining快速休閒餐廳
  • Lifestyle brand 生活風格的品牌
  • Hospitality確保顧客充分感受我們的文化,會心微笑
About the Role
我們正在尋找一位積極熱情的餐廳經理,他喜歡服務!對於擁有 2-3 年餐廳管理經驗的領導者來說,這是一個很好的機會。
We are seeking a positive and enthusiastic Restaurant Manager who loves to serve! This is an excellent opportunity for a leader with 2 – 3 years of restaurant management experience.
Responsibilities 工作內容:
  • Upholding our standards of excellence and hospitality 秉持我們的卓越和熱情好客標準
  • Leading your team 帶領團隊
  • Managing all functions on our daily checklist 管理我們日常營業
  • Focusing attention on team development 專注團隊的成長及發展
  • Overseeing inventory, quality and safety監督庫存、品質和安全
  • Managing the facility 維繫吸引、周到、安全及整潔的環境
  • Leading and developing community relations 領導和發展社區關係
Requirements 工作要求:
  • Must exhibit an aptitude for leading, coaching, and driving excellence at every level 必須具備領導及指導所有相關者的能力以發揮卓越表現
  • Solid experience in F&B industry with 2-3 year in a similar position 具2-3年餐飲營運管理經驗
  • Ability to learn and train others on all aspects of the Shack operations能在Shack營運的各範疇學習及培訓他人
  • Ability to drive hospitality and inspire others to do so 能自身體現及帶領團體展現非凡的款待精神
  • Understanding of financial aspects of business operations 瞭解業務營運的財務
  • Food handler certification, strongly preferred 具「食品處理」認證優先
We offer a competitive salary which is negotiable depending on experience. If the above sounds like you, submit your application or reach out to Ms. Sherbe.C through Whatsapp 61725015  and we'll share the next steps.

我們會因應經驗而協商薪酬及福利。如果以上聽起來像您,請提交您的職位申請或通過Whatsapp 61725015 與陳小姐聯絡,我們將分享後續步驟。