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刊登日期: 2022-04-08

KIN Food Halls

KIN Food Halls

We are passionate about food. We live to eat. After years of making restaurants all over the world we realized that we needed to change the way we eat. We love that technology has given us so much enhanced convenience, but we don’t love the plastic packaging, the mopeds and industrially produced food.

KIN is our solution. Great regeneratively farmed ingredients, cooked fresh to order, with next level convenience, all managed by our app offering super talented chefs’ dishes for everyone to build their perfect food playlist. Super easy, tastes better, faster and less fees.

Dishwasher 洗碗/清潔員(位於鰂魚涌太古坊)

  • 日常廚房及後場環境清潔
  • 整理及放置餐具及廚房設備
  • 維待並確保後場環境整潔
  • 遵守並實施食物安全,工作安全等指引和守則
  • 輔助管事部經理履行日常管事部工作 - 所有其他臨時任務
  • 小學程度或以上
  • 至少一年相關經驗
  • 具良好溝通能力者更佳
  • 具責任心,有條理
  • 具基本清潔化學品及消毒劑知識者更佳

[每天工作八小時, 醫療福利, 供膳食,鰂魚涌工作]

Whatsapp 至 9495 1915與KIN Food Halls 張先生聯絡。

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