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刊登日期: 2020-09-08

Marae Limited

Marae Limited

Hong Kong Flavour, a brand-new fresh food retail experience provides the customers with fresh ingredients from around the globe every day. A wide variety of food stalls and cook-to-order services, from handmade sausages, spams to freshly made seafood dishes that allow customers to shop and dine in one go.
Hong Kong Flavour has no cashiers or checkout lines, is the first fresh food retail that solely accept digital payment only, leading a smart cashless lifestyle.


將軍澳/馬鞍山菜檔企檔 $750-$800/日 (12小時工作)

將軍澳菜檔企檔 (12小時工作)
熟手: $750-$800/日
新手: $600/日 (肯搬肯做即可)

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