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刊登日期: 2020-01-14

Sustenir Agriculture (Hong Kong) Limited

Sustenir Agriculture (Hong Kong) Limited

溫室培植員 (Farm Operator)

溫室培植員將會成為Sustenir 團隊其中一員,參與獲得ISO22000食品安全認證的生產流程,確保Sustenir能把百分百乾淨、高品質的新鮮蔬菜送到我們的顧客手中。

As Farm Operator, you will be part of Sustenir's ISO22000 accredited process of delivering 100% clean, quality produce to delight our consumers.

職責 Duties and Responsibilities
  • 播種、灌溉及收割蔬菜
    Seeding/Watering/Harvesting of Crops
  • 執行培植計劃及監察進度
    Monitoring and executing the planting process
  • 維持灌溉渠道及營養槽的良好運作,及時維修
    Maintaining/repairing irrigation canals, nutrient tanks
  • 人手修剪蔬菜及其他雜項溫室工作
    Hand pruning and other miscellaneous greenhouse jobs as assigned
  • 採摘及包裝
    Picking and packing
  • 品質檢驗
    Quality inspection
  • 確保工作環境經常乾淨安全
    Ensure clean and safe working environment at all times
  • 完成經理指派的其他工作
    Any other duties as may be instructed by the Managers from time to time
  • 維持及確保培植室的高生產效率
    Maintain and ensure grow room in productive condition
  • 能適應高空(最高離地面約三米)及無菌工作環境
    Comfortable with working at height (maximum 3m) and in clean-room environment
  • 工作環境為室內冷氣房間,團隊親切友善
    Enjoys working in an air-conditioned, friendly team environment
  • 具團體精神,守時誠實,工作態度認真細心,注重細節,有責任感
    Able to work as part of the team. Punctual and honest, exceptional attention to detail, tidy and organized, responsible
  • 每月$7,500,每周工作5.5天,每天工作8.5小時,輪休
    $7,500 per month, 5.5 days per week, 8.5 hours per day. Shift holiday.
Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $7,500 /month

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