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刊登日期: 2019-10-17



We operate under two entities: (1) SmartRetail ( which works with retailers and brands to develop their own automated retail platform (including brands such as Coca-cola, Amway, Starbucks, AS Watson, 7-11, Guardian, Hung Fook Tong etc.) and (2) Health Addiction (, which operates vending machines in HK & Singapore's best locations (investment banks, large corporates, schools, residential etc.).

Our business aims at disrupting the traditional vending machine business by creating a powerful IoT platform of smart automated retail machines, that also act as an interactive marketing platform with the use of artificial intelligence and big data.

We have strong supportive investors who have funded us through multiple rounds.

Featured as one of the top 4 solutions at HK's Retail Asia Expo 2017 (start from 2:20)


工作內容 :
  • 早上8點半到晚上6點 (星期一至五),星期六長短週上班
  • 每天跟貨van到指定地點,負責上貨,落柯打,售賣機維護等工作,需穿制服。
薪金和福利 :
  • 試用期內$14,000,轉正職後$15,000
  • 星期日休息
  • 銀行假期
  • 生日假期
  • 大假8天 (第二年起每年加1天)
  • 有醫療福利
  • 有加班費
  • 有晉升機會
工作要求 :
  • 中學程度,懂簡單英文
  • 有責任感,能獨立工作
  • 九龍灣區返工
  • 有超市經驗優先
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