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刊登日期: 2019-09-20

Pan Pacific Retail Management (Hong Kong) Co., Limited

Pan Pacific Retail Management (Hong Kong) Co., Limited

About Pan Pacific Retail Management (Hong Kong) Co., Limited

Don Quijote, a Japanese discount retail chain famously known as “Donki”, is expanding to Southeast Asia as Don Don Donki.

Don Quijote Group's holding company for overseas operations, Pan Pacific International Holdings Pte. Ltd. (PPIH) based in Singapore, will develop the Don Don Donki stores for Southeast Asia.

The Don Quijote Group was established in 1980 and opened its first Don Quijote general discount store in 1989. It has since steadily expanded its business and its network of stores by developing a unique type of business based on its store concept of providing “convenience,” “discount” and “amusement,” and by pursuing mergers and acquisitions.

Listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange in 1998 and restructured under a pure holding company in 2013, it has grown into a general retailing group with 350 stores, the cumulative number of customers reaching 300 million a year and annual consolidated sales topping 800 billion yen in Japan. Its revenue and operating profit have increased for 27 consecutive years.

Outside Japan, the Group has been operating three Don Quijote USA stores in Hawaii since 2006. In July 2013, PPIH was established in Singapore as the headquarters of the Don Quijote Group’s overseas operations. In September of the same year, Marukai Corporation, which operates nine stores in California and two stores in Hawaii, came under the umbrella of the Group.

At home and abroad, the Don Quijote Group has not only provided customers with what they needed when they needed it but also built a business model to help them enjoy shopping. It has also designed a variety of store formats best suiting the locations and trade areas where the stores are located -- regardless of their size and structure.

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DON DON DONKI 招聘日(9月20日及24-26日)

24小時輪班輪休 ‧ 5天工作
  • 部門主管
  • 收銀主管
  • 收銀行政主任
  • 收銀員(全職/兼職/通宵)
  • 店務員(全職/兼職/通宵)
  • 廚房助理
  • 肉類分割員
  • 店舖文員
  • 店舖倉務員
  • 廚師(日本料理/鐵板燒)
  • 壽司及海鮮刺身處理員
招聘日 (無須預約,即場面試)
日期: 2019年9月20日
時間: 下午10時至下午5時
地點: 零售業招聘中心 - 灣仔告士打道5號稅務大樓地下
日期: 2019年9月20日
時間: 上午2時至下午5時
地點: 天水圍天晴邨社區綜合服務大樓3樓301室
日期: 2019年9月24-25日
時間: 上午11時30分至下午6時30分
地點: 荃灣荃新天地一期高層地下中庭
日期: 2019年9月25-26日
時間: 中午12時至下午7時
地點: 馬鞍山鞍祿街18號新港城中心MOSTown二樓天幕廣場

  • 尖沙咀店/荃灣新店
  • 上下班時間視乎店舖營運情況而定
  • 全職:每週五天工作,每天工作9小時,需輪班輪休
  • 兼職:工作日數及時間不限,每天工作至少4小時
  • 年終雙糧
  • 12-20天有薪年假
  • 公眾假期
  • 勤工獎金
  • 通宵更津貼
  • 超時工作津貼
  • 醫療及牙科福利
  • 有薪病假
  • 生日假
  • 結婚假,侍產假,恩恤假
  • 員工購物優惠
  • 專業在職培訓及良好晉升機會
  • 海外培訓機會
  • 有興趣之申請者,可致電 39041443 (只限星期一至五,上午9時半至下午1時及下午2時至6時) 或;
  • Whatsapp 到67926508 (註明申請職位) 或;
  • Wechat / Line 到招聘熱線ID「donkihkrecruit」(註明申請職位) 或;
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