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刊登日期: 2019-02-28

Sustenir Agriculture (Hong Kong) Limited

Sustenir Agriculture (Hong Kong) Limited

蔬菜包裝員 Post-Harvest Packer

蔬菜包裝員將會成為Sustenir 團隊其中一員,參與獲得ISO22000食品安全認證的生產流程,確保Sustenir能把百分百乾淨、高品質的新鮮蔬菜送到我們的顧客手中。

As Post-Harvest Packer, you will be part of Sustenir's ISO22000 accredited process of delivering 100% clean, quality produce to delight our consumers.

職責 Duties and Responsibilities
  • 蔬菜包裝員需處理一般包裝蔬菜工作,包括分類、磅重、包裝、貼標籤、封口、操作簡單工場切割蔬菜機器
    Sorting, weighing, packing, labelling, sealing and operation of vegetable cutting machine
  • 有需要搬運蔬菜出入冷凍儲存倉庫(約攝氏2-4度),重量為2-10公斤Movement of vegetables in and out of storage chiller of temperature of 2-4 Degree Celsius, with average weight from 2.5kg to 10kg per crate
  • 每月$7,500,每周工作5.5天,每天工作8.5小時,輪休
    $7,500 per month, 5.5 days per week, 8.5 hours per day. Shift holiday.
  • 能操基本廣東話及英語,懂閱讀中文及英語
    Fair spoken Cantonese and English ; Able to read and write Chinese and English
  • 工作環境為室內冷氣房間,團隊親切友善
    Working in an air-conditioned, friendly team environment
  • 具團體精神,保持工場清潔,定期協助盤點存貨及執行公司要求其他職務等
    Able to work as part of a team. Maintain good hygiene of workplace. Assist company in regular stock keeping. Helping other team members when needed and/or required.
  • 守時誠實,工作態度認真細心,注重細節,有責任感
    Punctual and honest, exceptional attention to detail, tidy and organized, responsible
  • 有食品包裝經驗者優先
    Experience in food packing is preferred
Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $7,500 /month