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刊登日期: 2018-09-05

China Taiping Life Insurance 中國太平人壽保險(香港)

China Taiping Life Insurance 中國太平人壽保險(香港)


China Taiping Insurance Group Ltd (abbreviated as “China Taiping”) is a Chinese state-owned financial and insurance group whose management headquarters is located in Hong Kong. China Taiping Life Insurance (Hong Kong) Company Limited (abbreviated as “TPLHK”) is a wholly-owned life insurance subsidiary of China Taiping Insurance Holdings Company Limited under the China Taiping (abbreviated as “China Taiping Holdings”, HK00966), which is responsible for life insurance business in Hong Kong. TPLHK started its business since 22 Dec 2015.

財富策劃經理 Wealth Planning Manager

全力締造 千人傳奇
  • 建立、拓展及管理專業的財富策劃團隊
  • 鼓勵及培育下線發展新團隊
  • 瞭解金融管理和市場分析
  • 為客戶提供專業的財務策劃服務,包括保險丶儲蓄及投資計畫
  • 管理現有的並持續積極開拓新的高質人際網路
  • 每月津貼可達港幣20,000 - 40,000元,另加傭金、管理獎金、年終花紅及續保花紅
  • 其他額外獎金和獎勵計劃
  • 各種支援營銷活動和客戶研討會
  • 合資格將獲邀出席海外業務會議
  • 成熟、有領導才能、能帶領團隊拓展業務,推廣各類保險產品及理財服務
  • 主動、進取及積極態度完成銷售目標
  • 具人脈網絡、能建立高淨值客戶群
  • 大專或大學教育背景
  • 最少4年金融業或相關工作經驗(具保險經驗更佳)
  • 通過保險仲介人資格考試 (卷一及卷三)
  • 獲授權於香港工作(歡迎IANG準畢業生)

 Job responsibilities:
  • Establish, expand and manage a professional wealth planning team
  • Encourage and foster the development of new teams off the assembly line
  • Understand financial management and market analysis
  • To provide clients with professional financial planning services, including insurance, savings and investment projects
  • Manage the existing clients and continue to actively explore new high-quality interpersonal networks
We will provide:
  • Average monthly income up to HK $ 30,000 - 40,000 (including monthly allowance, commission, management bonus, year-end bonuses and renewal bonuses, depending on individual performance)
  • Other additional bonuses and rewards programs
  • Various support marketing activities and customer seminars
  • Eligible to be invited to attend overseas business meetings
  • Mature, leadership, can lead the team to expand their business, promote various types of insurance products and financial services
  • Proactive, aggressive and positive attitude to complete the sales target
  • With network to establish a high net worth customer base
  • College or above
  • Minimum 4 years in the financial industry or related work experience (with insurance experience better)
  • Passed the Insurance Intermediaries Qualifying Examination (Paper 1 and 3)
  • Authorized to work in Hong Kong (IANG graduates are welcome)
Note: Those with less experience will be considered as wealth planning consultants or wealth planning assistant managers